The avr-rust Project Homepage

An open source project adding AVR microcontroller support to Rust.

The avr-rust compiler, once existing as a fork, has since been merged into upstream Rust as of July 2020.
The standard Rust nightly compiler can be used to compile crates for AVR - no compiling from source required.

The recommended way to use avr-rust is via rustup using the official nightly version of the Rust compiler.

AVR compiler issues are tracked on the official Rust GitHub repository. After creation, the triage team will tag the issue as O-AVR for you.

Installation via Rustup

  1. Install rustup
  2. Install Rust nightly and rust-src via Rustup by typing the following snippet into a terminal. The rust-src component is required to allow Rust to compile libcore for any chip being targeted.
                $ rustup component add nightly rust-src
  3. Done!

AVR can be enabled for a crate by running $ rustup override set nightly in a terminal inside the root directory of the desired crate.